Constant Content

I decided to list the articles I am writing on Constant Content as well so that I can get some extra revenue from them.

I can list my article on there as non-exclusive and get around $5-$10 from each article from there and I am already going to be selling my articles to associated content so that is like $10-$15 for every article I write.

Constant content isn’t guaranteed income though, someone searches through the market place and chooses what articles to buy, but you can make money from it over and over if multiple people buy it. Pretty neat huh?

I love finding more ways to make money with my articles. So I got:

1. Associated Content who will pay $4-$6 for a non-exclusive article.

2. Constant Content where you can sell your article over and over on the marketplace.

3. Adsense Revenue Sharing Article Directories might as well make a few bucks from extra adsense income from your articles.

Make sure you always submit non-exclusive and keep all the copyrights to your work.

Want To Write Your Own Ebook?

I was taught how to write an ebook from being a member of Earn 1k A Day. One of the benefits of being a member is getting free access to a lot of really expensive and very informative ebooks.

I was very blessed to get an ebook called “Create Your Own Killer Product in 5 EasySteps.”

This ebook was the thing that inspired me to write my own ebook and that it can be done quickly and efficiently within about a week’s worth of time.

I can offer this ebook to you for a $5 donation so that you can also learn how to create your own profitable ebook.
(Or you have the option to join Earn 1k A Day and get this and a bunch of other ebooks, support and knowledge in your membership.)

Step 1: The Right Mindset Means A lot
Step 2: Find That Hungry Niche
Step 3: How To Be Sure Your Product Will Make Money
Step 4: How To Create Your Killer Product With The Least Amount Of Fuss
Step 5: The Secret To Writing Content For Your Ebook With Ease
Bonus: Putting It All Together

This ebook changed my entire business model and made me want to start becoming more of an ebook writer. You will see why in the ebook…Donate $5 and Get an Instant Download
Please allow a few hours for me to send it to you. I will send it as soon as I see it in my email inbox. Also, if it is the middle of the night I will get it to you the next morning.

How Niches Make You Money

I wrote a post yesterday called “What is a Niche Website?” This is a follow up to that explaining how you can make money from a niche.

It is actually quite simple, create a niche website and put adsense and other advertisements in with the content. This can also include affiliate products such as ebooks and commission junction advertisers.

Another great option is to create an eBay niche website. A lot of people make really great money this way. Of course if you do this it would need to be a niche that actually has a lot of listings on eBay such as computers or musical instruments.

If you choose a niche that doesn’t have much competition you should be able to get a nice flow of traffic to your website and the more traffic you have the better.

The most time consuming parts are creating the sites and then doing article marketing to get traffic.

Focus, Focus, Focus

I am having a hard time staying focused on my 4th niche website. I have so many ideas running through my head for new and different projects that I find myself thinking about them more than the one at hand.

In fact, it has caused me to be less efficient than I could be because I am wasting time researching new ideas instead of finishing the one I am on now.

My solution to this was to write down all my ideas into a notebook and establish a To-Do list. This is a few of the things I have written so far:

1. Finish Niche Site # 4
2. Create and test an Ebay Niche Store/Site
3. Research and create an ebook

No my ebook wont be about making money online or internet marketing, there is a lot of ebooks out there already on those subjects. My goal is to find a niche market that is in need of information and complete one for them.

That’s it, I am not going to plan ahead of those three steps yet or else I will not be able to focus on what is at hand now. I need to stop my planning phase and move more towards action.

So I should be busy this week working on finishing this dang project so I can move on to the next…

How to Earn $1k A Day

I have had quite a few people email me asking me how I have learned so much about making websites, internet marketing and the like. I joined a membership club a little over a month ago called Earn 1k A Day and ever since then I have been able to grow my online businesses exponentially.

The membership club is only open to a small number of people because they want to keep the spammers away and the group as a small family of internet marketers all working towards or already earning $1,000 per day or more.

Earn 1k A Day has a wealth of information for its members. It includes framework to get your mini websites up and running, even videos showing step by step on how to do them.

In the downloads area there is a ton of free ebooks and programs. Many of them actually come with resell rights as well so you can sell them on your own blog or website.

Some of the free downloads in the download section are:
$5k per month with PLR Products
I Hate PHP: A Beginner’s Guide to PHP Programming
Instant Membership Site Creator
Windows Movie Maker Tutorials
How to Create Small Low Cost Niche Membership Sites
eBay Misspellings Script
How to Turn Flipping Websites into $40k/month
How to Pull Money Out of Thin Air, Volume 4
Guide to Buying Websites on Ebay
How to Generate Instant PayPal Cash
Increase Your Associated Content Profits
and so many more along with new ones added each month.

There are different sections of the membership forum covering Mini Money Sites, Membership Sites, Selling/Flipping Websites, Article Marketing, eBay, Writing for Dollars, Product Creation, Blogging and more including JV deals where you can get together with other internet marketers and collaborate on projects.

I knew that if I wanted to make $1,000 a day I needed to be a member of this insiders club. I have already made well over my monthly subscription my very first month because of what I have learned there. The members are serious and they share all their business ideas with everyone and even discuss new ones in the Idea Incubator area. It is easy to form business relationships and partnerships that can make you thousands of dollars.

They are not taking very more members. I believe it is going to be open to new membership for the next 3-4 weeks only then new registration will be closed. So if you are interested in joining Earn 1k A Day and making yourself $1k a day or more check it out.

AuctionAds vs Build A Niche Store

I posted earlier about how I signed up with Auction Ads to put on the niche websites I have already created. I also plan to sign up for Build A Niche store after I get my 4th project done. Why?

Auction Ads are like Google Adsense in the fact they only show up to 4 auctions at a time. They are meant to be used as supplemental advertisements.

On the other hand, Build a Niche store allows me to create an entire niche website around Ebay auctions. Showing much larger pictures and descriptions. It comes also with website templates so I can easily set up an entire site in one day. With Build a Niche store I can set minimum prices so it only shows products that are $5 and above or $20 and above, etc… depending on the niche I chose. Plus for their one time fee I can build as many websites as I want, over and over. It is an investment that could make me thousands of dollars over a short amount of time if I can choose some good niches.

So to summarize, I am going to use Auction Ads on non-Ebay niche sites and will be using Build A Niche store to make sites based around Ebay niches.

Personally, I expect a lot more Ebay profit from the Build a Niche Store websites.

I Signed Up With AuctionAds

I decided to sign up and test out Auction Ads on my niche websites that I have created. I have heard a lot of great things about it and wanted in on the action.

After I signed up I went to the Get Code section where I could put in my ad keywords. This is the place where you just type in what ebay auction terms you want it to show.

Then you choose an ad format, which comes in the same formats that adsense does. You even get to choose all the colors for your ads. In fact, if you visit my niche website Get Paid To Reviews, you will see AuctionAds in action at the bottom of each page. I used the keyword “Make Money Online” to create them.

It took me all of 10 minutes to sign up and get my first AuctionAd on my site. When someone clicks on your ad and wins a bid or buys something from Ebay you will receive 50%-75% of Ebay’s revenue for that sale. What is even better, is if someone clicks on your AuctionAd and signs up with Ebay in order to bid, you get an extra $25.

I plan to put AuctionAds on my niche sites along with Adsense and some affiliate marketing.

I am keeping track of my Auction Ads earnings in my monthly income reports so you will be able to track all of my progress.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Article Directories

Article Directories that will let you earn Adsense money.

Article Wise shares 100% makes it quick and easy for you to start making money from the articles you submit here! You do not have to cut and paste your ads into every article you submit. You only need to submit your ad client id number when you register. After that your ads will appear next to every article you submit!

Article Trader shares 50%

We have setup a system to share the AdSense revenue generated by every article that you submitted.
If you have an AdSense account, you can enter you ID in your account (once you are logged in). You will then receive 50% of the impressions of all articles that you submitted to this site.

Article Codex shares 50%

After you have signed up if you edit your profile you will see an option to enter in your own Google Adsense ID. When you have entered your own ID it will be displayed in any articles you have submitted 50% of the time.

Oocuz shares 100%

Your advertisement will be shown 100% of the time and without any limits. Your article stays here as long as this site will exist ( what hopefully will be a long time)

Savvify shares 100%

You’ll be able to promote yourself much more effectively and, as an added benefit, you’ll be making 100% of the money generated from our Google Adsense sponsors.

Xomba shares 50%

As soon as you sign up for a free Google Adsense account and post a Xombyte or a Xomblurb we will split the ad revenue with you 50/50 on everything you post. The more you post, the more you make.

Hot Web Tools – Article Directory for webmasters shares 100%

For every time you submit your article to our index, your advertising code is used to display Google Adsense on the articles that you had submitted. We don’t rotate your code! It will be shown 100%!

DotNetKicks – Shares 50% for your news stories

You can earn real money by submitting stories to You will receive 50% of the advertisement revenue on this site for all stories that you submit. How it works is simple. Your AdSense account ID is used 50% of the time for all views of your submitted stories. As people click on your ads, your Google AdSense account will be credited. That’s it. Google will send you the check.

InfoSweet- Adsense Revenue Sharing Article Directory

I came across a new free article directory called InfoSweet. This one stands out as different because they actually pay you 50% of all the Adsense revenue that comes from your articles.

Many of the other article directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles and such don’t pay anything for the articles they receive, nor do they share any of the Adsense revenue they profit from all the articles.

Of course, I still plan to submit my articles to them, but I am adding InfoSweet to my “Must Submit Articles” to list.

If you visit their website, you can see a video on how it all works. There are no costs involved at all. So it is a nice little extra residual income stream for all your articles.

Get Paid To Reviews – GPTReviews

I decided to cave in and share one of my niche sites with you. Since I already participate in a few GPT (Get Paid To) sites I decided that I might as well make a website about them.

Feel free to check out niche site number 2 entitled –

I would love your thoughts and opinions on it. Not too bad for being my second website ever.

I am pretty much done with my article marketing for this site. I may submit another article monthly or so to keep the links fresh to it so it can hopefully stay well search engine ranks.

I haven’t gotten much traffic to the site yet. I need to design a banner ad for it and maybe do a little bit of PPC advertising.