Are You Just ‘Thinking’ About Making Money Online?

The question you need to ask yourself is… Am I just ‘thinking’ about making money online or am I actually going out and taking the ACTION to make money?

This happens to a lot of people and I used to think about things way too long before doing anything myself. It is what is known as analysis paralysis. You try and absorb all the information you can and want to find the ‘perfect’ way to make money.

The truth is, there is no perfect way. In fact, I have yet to stumble upon a method that is 100% perfect. The point is to take action. Do something that will enable you to put money into your pocket or at least your PayPal account.

In May when I first started I was very limited in my knowledge about turning a profit online. I had only concentrated on one business model, which was ‘Get Paid To’ programs. I knew very little about them at that time, but I did know that I was determined to make it profitable for me.

So what did I do? I took action. I worked at it several hours a day for two weeks straight.

You know what happened? I succeeded. I now bring in over $1,000 a month in passive income from those two weeks of hard work.

Did I stop there? Nope. I joined Earn 1k a Day and learned all about several other business models I could go with. I snatched up what I learned about mini-money sites and am building up a business with it.

There are countless ways to make money online. Sometimes you just need to pick a business model and just run with it. Work it, use it and make some money with it before you move on to another project.

I am a bit ADD (attention deficit) myself so I always have trouble with just concentrating on one thing at a time. It is a daily struggle for me actually. The key is to prioritize.

What project or business model do you want to work on first? Choose it and do nothing else until it is complete.

Get other project ideas while you are still working on your first? Write them down and put them at the end of your to-do list. That way you know that you WILL get to them, just not now.

Thinking about building your business is very important, don’t get me wrong. However, if you don’t get past the thinking stage or if you sit it the thinking stage too long, you wont get anywhere. Sometimes you just need to push yourself and take the plunge. You will be glad you did.

Setting Up Adword Campaigns

I have never gotten into Adwords in the past. I had always simply relied on Article Marketing for traffic to my niche websites, but I wanted to try out Adwords. I set a low daily budget so I wont end up spending too much.

The great thing about Campaign Blasting is that I can promote affiliate products and services without having to have an actual website of my own. This opens up so many more opportunities.

I must say, although I am learning a lot about PPC and Adword campaigns, this will just be a small part of my business model and not my main source of income. That is unless I start experiencing phenomenal results, which of course would my mind will change on that point.

I have been looking for a new niche today. I hope to have one picked out by the end of the weekend so I can start creating a new website when my new iMac arrives sometime on Monday.

Oh here is a little tip I learned this weekend about Adwords:

Create a separate campaign for your content ads and your search ads. This allows you to create a smaller bid price on your content ads and better track those results separately from the search ads. For exampe: for a search ad I have a max bid per click of $0.05, but on Content I have it set at $0.01

I will share more as I learn more.

If you want to try Adwords for yourself you can sign up on the left.

Want to Make a Living as a Copywriter?

You know, one of those people who write sales letters for a living? A really good copywriter can make $500+ per sales page written. I got my hands on the rights for a fantastic ebook all about how to write really great copy.

If you can write really great copy you can literally print money. The ebook course I have available for a $9 donation is 16 chapters long 87 pages long.

If you have any interest in freelance writing for a living, this is the way to go. You will make a lot more money writing great copy than articles.

Want to Sell Your Own Book on Amazon?

I just came across a FREE resource that allows you to create your own books, video or music and sell it on

According to the site that allows you to do this there is no set-up fees, no minimum orders and you get to keep the rights to your work.

You even get to set your own price and earn royalties! I am really thinking about experimenting with this. Although I need to finish my current projects first. 

If you have a passion for writing, making videos or making music, why not make it available to all of Amazon’s huge customer base? It is brilliant actually.

You can check out the free resource here- CreateSpace.

I am adding this to my to-do list.

$10 Per Day Per Month

So you want to increase your passive income but feel overwhelmed by the thought of needing to do it all at once. At least this is how I have felt at times. I decided I am going to take baby steps and not get stressed out over it. I want to show you some cool math I did today. I wrote it all down and posted it on my wall so I can see it while working on the computer.

The power of increasing your income by a simple $10 a day per month. So during a month you work on a project that will bring you a residual income of $10 per day. If you started in August this is how much your income would increase –
Remember this is all passive income so it will never stop even if you stop working!

August 2007 – $10 a day = $300 month / $3,600 year
September 2007 – $20 a day = $600 month / $7,200 year
October 2007 – $30 a day = $900 month / $10,800 year
November 2007 – $40 a day = $1,200 month / $14,400 year
December 2007 – $50 a day = $1,500 month / $18,000 year
January 2008 – $60 a day = $1,800 month / $21,600 year
February 2008 – $70 a day = $2,100 month / $25,200 year
March 2008 – $80 a day = $2,400 month / $28,800 year
April 2008 – $90 a day = $2,700 month / $32,400 year
May 2008 – $100 a day = $3,000 month / $36,000 year
June 2008 – $110 a day = $3,300 month / $39,600 year
July 2008 – $120 a day = $3,600 month / $43,200 year
August 2008 – $130 a day = $3,900 month / $46,800 year
September 2008 – $140 a day = $4,200 month / $50,400 year
October 2008 – $150 a day = $4,500 month / $54,000 year
November 2008 – $160 a day = $4,800 month / $57,600 year
December 2008 – $170 a day = $5,100 month / $61,200 year
January 2009 – $180 a day = $5,400 month / $64,800 year
February 2009 – $190 a day = $5,700 month / $68,400 year
March 2009 – $200 a day = $6,000 month / $72,000 year

I chose the March 2009 date to add up to because that is the end of my debt free goal deadline. If I can increase my income by $6,000 a month by that date I will surely meet my goals.

Anyone want to do this with me? I would love to have some buddies to go along this journey with.

The Power of Passive Income

Ok I am going to be rambling a bit here, but I need to get these thoughts out of my head…

Passive Income is my favorite business model. It is the idea behind how I build my ‘Get Paid To’ income stream and it is the same goal I have for all the projects I am working on.

Work really hard for a little while and get paid for years. That is what I absolutely love about passive residual income. Let that stream continue to pay you while you work on your second stream.

After that you have two streams paying you while you work on your third, then your fourth and so on.

Before you know it, you have dozens of income streams that keep paying you month after month after month.

Each of the websites I have been building have been my little income streams.

To me it is like a snowball, I am slowly pushing it along through the snow. Each turn of the ball doesn’t make it much bigger, but if I keep rolling it over time it will start to grow and get bigger and bigger.

One day may not make a huge difference, but 30 or 40 days is huge. Persistence is the key.

You may not see much results the first day, or the second… but if you just keep going and persevering you will see the results starting to trickle in. Then before you know it, that trickle turns into a flow and then that flow turns into a waterfall.

It can be done, I am determined to do it. One day at a time, one step at a time. I am going to build my passive income and I am going to pay off all $72,900 of my debt before April 2009 rolls around.

Anyone can do it, it doesn’t take luck. It doesn’t take talent. It is not something that you are just ‘born with.’ You make it happen, you do it by not giving up.

Don’t let making money online get overwhelming. Just as you don’t climb mount everest in a day, you don’t become a millionaire overnight. Take it one dollar at a time. Take it one step at a time. Concentrate on one income stream at a time.

You can do it, anyone can if they truly work for it.

Getting Twitterpated Over Twitter

I am getting totally addicted to Twitter. It is a free interface where you can connect with all your friends and keep them updated on what you are doing throughout the day.


Have you tried it yet? It will suck you in like it did me. 

As you see on the bottom left column of my blog I have my last 5 twitter entries. I keep it updated throughout the day with everything I am doing.

If you follow me on twitter, I will follow you back. Here is my Twitter profile link.

It will give me a great chance to get to know you better.