What Is TNX.Net? A Review

First of all I wanted to disclose that I was paid to review this company and am expressing my own opinions.

What is TNX.net? Well, let me tell you what I have learned. They are a site that provides a way to improve your ranking in the search engine by increasing the links to your site. You do this by being a Webmaster, which is selling space on your website to the advertisers, or by being an Advertiser. The higher page ranking your page has, the more you will be paid for the link. You are paid in points in advance for the space by the advertiser on a monthly basis.

The goal is to improve the search engine ranking on your site by bringing in more traffic due to the links that are based on keywords in your niche and the niche of the advertiser. I can see this as being a good money maker if you have a lot websites with a lot of pages. Being paid in points for every page can add up each month. I don’t see it being worth your investment or trouble for only a few pages.

TNX.net works as an advertising system that allow you to earn profits on your website by allowing advertisers to place a link to their site. There will be a different link place on each page of your website. I have tried this out in the past…and have not made a final decision on whether to use it again or not. I am not sure if I like the point system versus being paid in actual money. You can be paid up to a 1000 points per page, IF you page ranking is high, and that equals to .76 cents….a page ranking of 0 gets 9 points, and a PR2 gets 1800 points.

If you are an advertiser, you will buy link space, but TNX chooses the pages and sites to place the links on. The mission of TNX is to increase your search engine rankings and improve the quality of your site, and hopefully, increasing your income. As this is something new, I do want to watch it for a while, I want to see how Google is going to handle this and if it is something that will be penalized, which I don’t care to take that chance at the moment.

There are plenty of ways to make money online, and I just don’t see that the benefit is great enough to take the risk quite yet. Maybe in the future.