The Niche Blogger Scholarships Open to 25 People

I know that there are some families really struggling out there during this recession. That is why I want to open The Niche Blogger up to 25 people who could otherwise not afford to join at all. This scholarship will give the recipients a free 3 month membership to The Niche Blogger so they can get back on their feet financially.


My goal is to help more mothers become stay at home mothers despite financial hardship. To be eligible for the  free 3 month membership  to The Niche Blogger you need to:

1. Have children that you would like to be able to stay at home with or have your spouse stay at home with.

2. Have a financial difficulty that has kept you from being able to join through the normal membership.

3. Have motivation to actually use the information in The Niche Blogger to build your online business, I don’t want to waste the 25 three-month scholarships on people who are not going to use them. You need to be highly motivated and ready to work.

How to Apply:

Simply contact me and put The Niche Blogger Scholarship as the reason for contact. In the message section tell me about yourself and your situation and how you will use your 3 month membership at The Niche Blogger.


17 scholarships are still available, 8 have already been awarded.

If the 25 open scholarships get filled up really fast go ahead and apply if you need one because I will be giving out more in a few months.