Build an Empire around Your Passion

Last month I joined a membership site challenge. The premise what to create a bunch of niche membership sites that bring in monthly income…

I am not sure how I strayed from it, but the first niche I picked out for my first membership site is something I am so passionate about I want to stay in it indefinetely.

If you truly love a niche, you can build an entire empire around it. Membership site, ebooks, websites, audios, videos, paper back books, etc…

That is my plans for this niche. I am starting with the membership site and hope to expand. I will reveal it to everyone once my membership site launches, which will be late February / early March.

I have spent the past 30+ hours of my work time writing my sales letter, with the help of my mother. I can tell you straight away… it is NOT in the Internet Marketing niche nor does it have anything to do with money or finance.

I truly believe that I have found my life’s calling! I got a few people to partner with me for massive research and development for content. This was needed because there is very little if any information available on it.

Anyway, I just had to make a blog post about my excitement. Ever since I discovered this idea I have been on cloud nine. Once, you see it… you will know what I mean.

Oh and on a side note, there will be an affiliate program so you can be an affiliate and make some income with me

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