Credit Card Niche – Profitable, But At What Price?

I am against credit cards. They have caused a lot of problems for a lot of people. However, someone paid me to write a review about their credit card site.

Let me tell you a bit about credit cards and how they can lead to trouble. First of all, they make it way too easy to buy things we don’t need. That 0% introductory rate may be appealing, but remember that will shortly shoot up to 17% 18% or even as high as 32% or higher interest rate before too long. Oh and if you are ever late on a payment, say bye-bye to your 0% offer.

Now, looking from an internet marketers point of view. I think that this person did a great job on her credit card website. She is using great keywords such as Secured Cards and Best 0% Credit Cards.

The site is visually appealing and she goes further into the credit card niche and narrows it down to being a site geared towards women. Although I congratulate her on choosing an extremely profitable niche and making a great site, I do not support the products sold.

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