How to Use Articles To Get Free Traffic

Writing articles can be a good way to get some free advertising for your website or blog. I have been using this method the past two weeks and plan to continue using it because it is a great way to get traffic when you don’t have money to pay for immediate advertising.

You can check out highly searched keywords using the Overture Keyword Selector Tool so you can check if the topic you are about to write on would be popular or not.

If you find a keyword you want to write on, make sure that your article is well written with a lot of references to that particular word or phrase.

The more content your write and the more articles you put out there the better. Providing people with information they need will make your website much more valuable and therefore more popular to the search engines.

I think that article marketing is the best form of advertising out there. First of all, it is completely free. No need for an advertising budget, all you need is time and effort to get your name and website out there to the world.

When you include a link to your website in the resource box or about the author section of your article submissions, they will get quickly noticed by search engines such as google.

This will cause the search engines to crawl your site and suddenly your website will appear listed in google, yahoo and the other big search engines.

Writing articles with a link to your website also provides you with very important back links. The more links that point back to your website, the higher your rankings are in google. I am sure this is true of the other large search engines as well.

Last of all, advertising through informative articles is a great way to build your online reputation. When people realize that you truly know what you are talking about, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say and will hopefully come back to your site again in the future to learn more.

Just make sure that every article you write is unique. It is not only illegal, but a waste to simply take someone else’s work and claim it as your own.

Here is a list of the Article Directories I currently use to market my articles. I haven’t written very many of them so far, but I am working hard to get more of them out there.

  1. Associated Content (make sure to submit as non-exclusive)

When you submit your article to most of these sites, you are giving them permission and anyone else who uses them permission to copy and put your entire article on their own site.

You allow them to do this due to the fact that they will include your article along with your name and a link back to your website from the site they put it on. It is a great way to get your self out there.

You want to change up your article a bit every time you submit it to a new article site. This is because Google will penalize you for having duplicate content. I have been using a free program to change up my articles for each submission I do.

It is called Spontent’s Jetspinner. I can write up one article and run it through their free spinner to get over 100 different unique versions of my article.

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