I Am Loving WordPress Niche Blogs

I have actually created 7 new wordpress niche blogs so far this month! I am using these templates: Super Adsense and really like how easy it is to set them up this way. In fact, I am using the same template for this blog as well.

I was working double time this week because I wanted to get all of my projects done and out of the way before the 10th.

I am still using WhyPark for all the sites that I haven’t gotten around to building yet. I currently have 80 domains parked there. Mostly .net domains, it seems as though all the good .com ones are already taken. If only I would have gotten all the good .com names back in 1999, oh well… live and learn right?

My ‘6 figures in 6 months’ challenge is supposed to be starting on Saturday (Nov 10th) and I am very excited about it. Of course I will be blogging my journey as I go along and will hopefully be able to teach you all some new things as I go along.

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