Is flutter good for web development

Flutter is Google’s new open-source mobile app SDK for building native apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase. It was announced in October of 2018, but it’s already become one of the most popular frameworks for building apps on both platforms.

Flutter web is still in beta, but it’s already usable enough for personal projects.

Flutter web is still in beta, but it’s already usable enough for personal projects. You can build and run Flutter web apps on your machine, use them with any browser, and even share them through Github pages. The Flutter team is working hard to make this tool as good as possible, but there are some things you should know about before trying out flutter web:

  • It’s not ready for production yet—you can only use it on your local computer right now (though the Flutter team has plans to support other platforms).
  • Some features like push notifications aren’t available yet either.

Can Flutter create Web apps?

You can use Flutter to create web apps, but it’s not quite ready for production yet. Today you can use Flutter to build a web app from scratch or convert an existing Android or iOS app into a web app using the flutter_web plugin (more on this later). There are also some other options like React Native and NativeScript, which let you write mobile apps in JavaScript with the help of cross-platform UI frameworks.

You should probably just stick with React Native and/or NativeScript if that is your only goal. However, if you want to leverage your existing knowledge of Flutter then this article will help get you started!

Flutter’s material widget library is extensive.

Let’s start with the basics. Flutter’s material widget library is extensive, and it comes with a wide range of widgets, ranging from simple buttons to complex layouts. It’s also fast, easy to use and highly customizable — all while being cross-platform.

Also known as MDCore, this is the core of Flutter’s development framework and provides a set of fundamental APIs such as layout management and styling capabilities for building user interfaces on both iOS and Android platforms (including an API for running native code).

Does Flutter web have a future?

Flutter web is still in beta, but it’s already usable enough for personal projects. The Flutter team has a lot of exciting features planned for the future, including support for mobile and desktop platforms, server-side rendering support, and more. It might not be ready to build your company’s main website just yet (at least not without some extensive customization) but as they continue to develop their product it may very well be an option worth considering in the long term.

The web has the largest worldwide audience for your apps.

The web has the largest worldwide audience for your apps. It’s an open platform that is accessible to everyone and can be used on almost any device. Because it’s open, you can use any language or framework that compiles to JavaScript.

To make a site or app in Flutter you would need to learn Dart and then write code in JavaScript (or TypeScript) — if you want to do everything in Dart then there will be more hurdles but it might end up being more productive than learning both languages at once.

You should consider learning flutter for your next web project

If you’re looking to get started with web development, flutter can be a good choice. Flutter is:

  • Easy to learn. You don’t need knowledge of any other programming language, just Java or Kotlin (or JavaScript).
  • Fast. The Dart language compiles into native code for both iOS and Android, so you’ll get instant performance out of the box without having to worry about slow web pages or bloated libraries like jQuery.
  • Open source and has a large community behind it that’s constantly improving its functionality and providing support for new features as they’re added by developers around the world who are using Flutter for their own projects in various industries like healthcare or gaming apps. In fact, Google themselves have been using Flutter since 2016 which means there will always be someone within reach if anything goes wrong so you can rest easy knowing that your app won’t crash because something went wrong with its code base!


Flutter is still in beta, but it’s already usable enough for personal projects. The framework has an extensive library of widgets and easy-to-use APIs that make it easy to build an app with complex functionality. Flutter also handles much of the low-level functionality that you might have implemented manually with web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML before. We recommend taking a look at Flutter if you’re interested in learning more about web development! Visit now to learn more.

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