Maxed Out Movie Review

I just watched the movie Maxed Out. I must say that it has really motivated me to work even harder to get myself out of debt.

I found myself crying during the movie. I feel so bad for the way the credit card companies treat people. I also feel the pain that comes with being so far in debt that you don’t know how to get out.

So many people find themselves not able to make the minimum payments, which hikes up their interest rate, which makes it even harder to make the payments. Then of course the credit card companies tack on those over the limit and late fees on top of that.

It is so sad how being in trouble with debt can consume an entire person’s life. You may have the fear that the bank might foreclose on your home or that your car might get repossessed. You might avoid answering the telephone wondering if it is the collection company again.

There were actually stories of people who have lost loved ones to suicide over debt issues. Learning what the credit card companies really think of us makes me feel angry.

I want to help myself and hopefully help others find the path to debt freedom so these scumbag companies can be out of our lives for good.

I highly recommend everyone watch the Maxed Out movie. It will seriously change your entire outlook on debt.

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