Some Drawbacks Of Being Optimistic In Life

Being optimistic in life can be one of the best things an individual could do for himself. Being optimistic is helpful in many situations where you do not want to hurt the sentiment of either person but deliver your point without offending the audience or people. If you are in a conversation with two of your favorite people and they ask for your advice, then being optimistic will save you from falling on any one person’s side. Most of the grown-up people are always optimistic in their answers just to sound smart and never hurt the sentiments of any other person. But have you ever thought is optimism good every time? Is it right to be an optimist every time and everywhere? Well, the answer is that you have to be real with your answers at someplace and in some situations to clear the mind of another person. Being optimistic is not always correct and there are some points listed here that will help you in understanding this. 

Not A Risk Bearer Anymore

Optimistic people are less interested in taking risks and they prefer taking the way out of everything to keep them out of any sort of trouble. They believe in simple living and never try anything that can be a little risky. As compared to the other people who are risk bearers have two options: whether the risk that they have taken will bring out positive or negative, but they are brave enough to take that risk. In the case of optimists, they never want to think about the negative aspects related to the risk and that is why they prefer the middle way where they feel safe.

Never Sees The Negative Side

The optimist kind of people are scared to see the negative side of any situation and that is why they do not prefer trying out new things as it can turn out to be negative for them. There are many situations when some negative situations lead to positive outcomes in the future but it requires time and taking the risk to face that situation. Optimistic people only prefer to be in the nonprofit no loss zone and that is why their mind is restricted to never see the positive outcome after that can be possible after a negative situation.

Issues With Relationships/Friendships

Optimistic people sometimes find difficulties in maintaining their relationships and friendships. They are more concerned about the impact of their decisions in real life which is why some of optimists find it difficult to create a balance between their relationship and friendship with other people. These people never agree with anyone but try to sneak out the conversation by giving some middle answer to any decision-making question which sometimes annoys the other person and hence issues in their relationship or friendships occur from that place.

Health Issues

Although the optimists have better health conditions than the non-optimist people, some optimists are blinded by the idea of being optimistic in every situation, and such people are overwhelmed by the thoughts and end up affecting their health by stressing so much over small situations or problems. Stress is never good for your body nor for your mind. Such people overlook small issues in life and they do not care about small things that sometimes lead to bigger problems in life which makes them vulnerable in those situations.

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