CashCrate Review Rant

Feeling frustrated today with the number of people who are stealing my cashcrate review word for word and putting it on their own blog or website as if they wrote it. Not only do I find this rude, but it also makes my content look like duplicate content, which is really upsetting.

I will be sending faxes to blogger and to google today with formal letters concerning the websites that have been stealing my cashcrate and fairy tale treasures review content. I don’t think I would be as upset if these people listened to me when I contacted them asking them politely to take it down or if they had included a link back to my site at least giving me credit for writing it.

Sorry for starting the post out with a rant. I am just getting really tired of seeing my work stolen without any credit. Someone even posted my CashCrate and Fairy Tale Treasures review on their site and giving everyone who visits permission to freely use and distribute the reviews. That was quite upsetting, how can this person give permission for others to use something that never belonged to them in the first place?

Anyone have any advice for me? I would truly appreciate it.

Niche Site Content and Squidoo Lenses

I have been on a roll today, completing 10 pages of website content for my 3rd niche site and also completing 3 new Squidoo lenses.

I also submitted a few articles to I cannot submit any more articles to EzineArticles until the approve my Platinum status or not, so I am waiting on that.

I noticed that my earnings from Get Paid To programs are considerably lower this month than they were at this time last month. I am not sure if this is because I took a week off when the baby was born or not.

I guess the only way to tell is by comparing it to what happens in August. Thank goodness I don’t have “all my eggs in one basket” and am doing both Get Paid To programs and Internet marketing together.

I really like the immediate earnings gratification that comes from sites like CashCrate, but realize that in order to gain a secure long term income I need to also concentrate on other areas. This is my reasoning for working so hard on my niche websites and Squidoo lenses.

I haven’t made too much from my internet marketing endeavours yet. I look at it as a small snowball that I am rolling along. Over time it will build momentum and get bigger and bigger until I can establish a nice full time income from it and pay off all my debt. I need to remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Writing lots of content

I have been writing content for my new niche site all day. I finished nine pages and am still working on my tenth page. This website is going to be a lot bigger than I had anticipated at the beginning. I am now estimating it will be around 30-35 pages or so.

I have been using a lot of products from the Joe Bucks affiliate program on this new site. It will be my first site using them as my advertisements, but I do have plans to make many more because I absolutely love the program.

Oh and I also bought a new domain name from 1and1. It is for my next project and I wanted to make sure I had the name reserved.

After spending all day writing I was referred to a new program by an acquaintance of mine. It is a membership site that costs $9.99 per month, but you can get unlimited high quality unique articles 550 words long written for you for $5.52 each. You also have full copyrights to the article as if you wrote it yourself.

So I joined the site and submitted requests for two articles for my new niche site. These are topics I was dreading writing on anyway so this saves me a lot of time and hassle.

Outsourcing my article writing will allow me to accomplish more in less time and build my online business so much faster. I am really looking forward to this. My articles should be ready in less than 24 hours. I will let you know how they turn out.