CashCrate Review Rant

Feeling frustrated today with the number of people who are stealing my cashcrate review word for word and putting it on their own blog or website as if they wrote it. Not only do I find this rude, but it also makes my content look like duplicate content, which is really upsetting.

I will be sending faxes to blogger and to google today with formal letters concerning the websites that have been stealing my cashcrate and fairy tale treasures review content. I don’t think I would be as upset if these people listened to me when I contacted them asking them politely to take it down or if they had included a link back to my site at least giving me credit for writing it.

Sorry for starting the post out with a rant. I am just getting really tired of seeing my work stolen without any credit. Someone even posted my CashCrate and Fairy Tale Treasures review on their site and giving everyone who visits permission to freely use and distribute the reviews. That was quite upsetting, how can this person give permission for others to use something that never belonged to them in the first place?

Anyone have any advice for me? I would truly appreciate it.

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