Constant Content

I decided to list the articles I am writing on Constant Content as well so that I can get some extra revenue from them.

I can list my article on there as non-exclusive and get around $5-$10 from each article from there and I am already going to be selling my articles to associated content so that is like $10-$15 for every article I write.

Constant content isn’t guaranteed income though, someone searches through the market place and chooses what articles to buy, but you can make money from it over and over if multiple people buy it. Pretty neat huh?

I love finding more ways to make money with my articles. So I got:

1. Associated Content who will pay $4-$6 for a non-exclusive article.

2. Constant Content where you can sell your article over and over on the marketplace.

3. Adsense Revenue Sharing Article Directories might as well make a few bucks from extra adsense income from your articles.

Make sure you always submit non-exclusive and keep all the copyrights to your work.

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