Domains Into Dollars Review

There are very few things which completely change the way I do my business online. One such program that blew me away is Domains into Dollars.

I was blessed to be one of the people who picked this up in the pre-release. I discovered a world that I had never knew before and that is the world of domaining and online virtual real estate (which can be even more profitable than physical real estate).

I watched through the several hours of videos and read through the huge ebook. This information is going to make a lot of people millionaires.

The Videos included –
Lesson #1 – Introduction To The Domaining Industry
Lesson #2 – What Types Of Domains Are Available
Lesson #3 – Show Me The Money (Domaining Revenue Models)
Lesson #4 – Getting Started (An Easy And Free Way To Find Domains)
Lesson #5 – Quick Domain Flipping On eBay
Lesson #6 – Domain Name Valuation
Lesson #7 – Selling Your Domain Names
Plus two more bonus lessons

I discovered how to buy domain names, try them out for 5 days to see if they are profitable or not. Then if it is a domain I don’t want to keep, I don’t need to pay for it, I can replace it with a different domain instead. Pretty cool huh?

I have dived into this and am really excited to consider myself a professional domainer. It is better than physical real estate investing because there is no mortgages, no property taxes and the return on your money is so much higher.

With what I have discovered in Domains into Dollars, I am confident I will be debt free by my goal date.

I will keep you updated.

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