Niche Websites 101

Since there are probably quite a few newcomers to this blog and I have been getting a lot of questions on Niche Websites, I wanted to point you to a past post that I wrote on the subject that may help clear things up a bit for you.

If you have ever looked anything up on the internet and found a website with information and some ads, then you have come across a niche website. They are all over the place.

It is like form of online real estate investing. The more sites you have and the more visitors you have, the more money you make off of advertisements, etc…

I used to build my niche websites from scratch via HTML, but starting about a week ago I have been using WordPress blogs (on my own hosting, not on to create my niche websites.

Why not Because they don’t allow any advertisements on their sites, which makes them pretty much useless for making money.

I used to be against niche blogs, but have been turning around due to the ease of setup. I set a goal to create 15 new niche websites/blogs each month.

No I don’t plan to write new posts to all of them on a regular basis, I wish I could, but that could really get out of hand. I will probably try and put a post on each one at least once a month to keep them somewhat fresh, but the traffic will mainly just come from article marketing.

Like I said, I just switched to making niche blogs this week. So I will update you on the results and if it is any better/worse than setting it up as plain static websites (non-blog).

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