Phenomenal WhyPark Results

I cannot tell you how much of a secret (well not so secret anymore) weapon WhyPark has been for me so far. I am getting amazing rankings in google and tons of organic free search engine traffic to all my sites I have listed on there.

I noticed one of my sites was getting about 15-20 visitors a day from search engine traffic so I decided to check out my google rankings.

Here is the results for a site that I have done NOTHING for. Just bought the domain and stuck it on WhyPark, that’s it.

Sure enough I was # 12 out of 119,000 competition when I type my 2 word keyword phrase in with quotations and I am # 17 out of 1,060,000 (yes over 1 million) competition without the quotations!

Oh and this two word phrase is searched for 887 times a day so if I just do a bit of article marketing with this site I bet I could raise much higher in the rankings and take a nice chunk of that traffic.

I actually have that domain up for sale (thanks to domains into dollars) so hopefully that will help me get a better price for it.

Update: Just checked another domain I have just sitting there that is also getting a lot of traffic. I typed in it’s keyword and it is # 11 out of 16,700,000 competing results. (Yes, that is 16 million 700 thousand). #6 out of 235,000 with quotations. This 2 word term is searched for 460 times per day.

I am just blown away. Please leave a comment with any results you have been getting if you have been using Why Park.

If you have been thinking about getting or plan to get it I would love for you to use my affiliate link. Of course you don’t have to, it is your choice.

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