Are You Just ‘Thinking’ About Making Money Online?

The question you need to ask yourself is… Am I just ‘thinking’ about making money online or am I actually going out and taking the ACTION to make money?

This happens to a lot of people and I used to think about things way too long before doing anything myself. It is what is known as analysis paralysis. You try and absorb all the information you can and want to find the ‘perfect’ way to make money.

The truth is, there is no perfect way. In fact, I have yet to stumble upon a method that is 100% perfect. The point is to take action. Do something that will enable you to put money into your pocket or at least your PayPal account.

In May when I first started I was very limited in my knowledge about turning a profit online. I had only concentrated on one business model, which was ‘Get Paid To’ programs. I knew very little about them at that time, but I did know that I was determined to make it profitable for me.

So what did I do? I took action. I worked at it several hours a day for two weeks straight.

You know what happened? I succeeded. I now bring in over $1,000 a month in passive income from those two weeks of hard work.

Did I stop there? Nope. I joined Earn 1k a Day and learned all about several other business models I could go with. I snatched up what I learned about mini-money sites and am building up a business with it.

There are countless ways to make money online. Sometimes you just need to pick a business model and just run with it. Work it, use it and make some money with it before you move on to another project.

I am a bit ADD (attention deficit) myself so I always have trouble with just concentrating on one thing at a time. It is a daily struggle for me actually. The key is to prioritize.

What project or business model do you want to work on first? Choose it and do nothing else until it is complete.

Get other project ideas while you are still working on your first? Write them down and put them at the end of your to-do list. That way you know that you WILL get to them, just not now.

Thinking about building your business is very important, don’t get me wrong. However, if you don’t get past the thinking stage or if you sit it the thinking stage too long, you wont get anywhere. Sometimes you just need to push yourself and take the plunge. You will be glad you did.

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