Setting Up Adword Campaigns

I have never gotten into Adwords in the past. I had always simply relied on Article Marketing for traffic to my niche websites, but I wanted to try out Adwords. I set a low daily budget so I wont end up spending too much.

The great thing about Campaign Blasting is that I can promote affiliate products and services without having to have an actual website of my own. This opens up so many more opportunities.

I must say, although I am learning a lot about PPC and Adword campaigns, this will just be a small part of my business model and not my main source of income. That is unless I start experiencing phenomenal results, which of course would my mind will change on that point.

I have been looking for a new niche today. I hope to have one picked out by the end of the weekend so I can start creating a new website when my new iMac arrives sometime on Monday.

Oh here is a little tip I learned this weekend about Adwords:

Create a separate campaign for your content ads and your search ads. This allows you to create a smaller bid price on your content ads and better track those results separately from the search ads. For exampe: for a search ad I have a max bid per click of $0.05, but on Content I have it set at $0.01

I will share more as I learn more.

If you want to try Adwords for yourself you can sign up on the left.

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