Adsense Revenue Sharing Article Directories

Article Directories that will let you earn Adsense money.

Article Wise shares 100% makes it quick and easy for you to start making money from the articles you submit here! You do not have to cut and paste your ads into every article you submit. You only need to submit your ad client id number when you register. After that your ads will appear next to every article you submit!

Article Trader shares 50%

We have setup a system to share the AdSense revenue generated by every article that you submitted.
If you have an AdSense account, you can enter you ID in your account (once you are logged in). You will then receive 50% of the impressions of all articles that you submitted to this site.

Article Codex shares 50%

After you have signed up if you edit your profile you will see an option to enter in your own Google Adsense ID. When you have entered your own ID it will be displayed in any articles you have submitted 50% of the time.

Oocuz shares 100%

Your advertisement will be shown 100% of the time and without any limits. Your article stays here as long as this site will exist ( what hopefully will be a long time)

Savvify shares 100%

You’ll be able to promote yourself much more effectively and, as an added benefit, you’ll be making 100% of the money generated from our Google Adsense sponsors.

Xomba shares 50%

As soon as you sign up for a free Google Adsense account and post a Xombyte or a Xomblurb we will split the ad revenue with you 50/50 on everything you post. The more you post, the more you make.

Hot Web Tools – Article Directory for webmasters shares 100%

For every time you submit your article to our index, your advertising code is used to display Google Adsense on the articles that you had submitted. We don’t rotate your code! It will be shown 100%!

DotNetKicks – Shares 50% for your news stories

You can earn real money by submitting stories to You will receive 50% of the advertisement revenue on this site for all stories that you submit. How it works is simple. Your AdSense account ID is used 50% of the time for all views of your submitted stories. As people click on your ads, your Google AdSense account will be credited. That’s it. Google will send you the check.

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