I Signed Up With AuctionAds

I decided to sign up and test out Auction Ads on my niche websites that I have created. I have heard a lot of great things about it and wanted in on the action.

After I signed up I went to the Get Code section where I could put in my ad keywords. This is the place where you just type in what ebay auction terms you want it to show.

Then you choose an ad format, which comes in the same formats that adsense does. You even get to choose all the colors for your ads. In fact, if you visit my niche website Get Paid To Reviews, you will see AuctionAds in action at the bottom of each page. I used the keyword “Make Money Online” to create them.

It took me all of 10 minutes to sign up and get my first AuctionAd on my site. When someone clicks on your ad and wins a bid or buys something from Ebay you will receive 50%-75% of Ebay’s revenue for that sale. What is even better, is if someone clicks on your AuctionAd and signs up with Ebay in order to bid, you get an extra $25.

I plan to put AuctionAds on my niche sites along with Adsense and some affiliate marketing.

I am keeping track of my Auction Ads earnings in my monthly income reports so you will be able to track all of my progress.

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