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I just wanted to start off right away and tell you that I am not asking for any set price for this program. That is right, you choose how much you would like to pay for it.

As you may already know, am trying really hard to get out of debt. So I am going to let anyone name their own price as a donation to help me pay it off. In exchange you will get this program about how to bring in massive traffic to your blog.

The person who originally wrote this course has provided me with resell rights so that I can offer this fantastic course to my blog visitors. I really hope this may help me put a little dent in my debt.

Here is what he has to say about the course-

If you’re struggling to get traffic to your blogs, stop and read this:

New Research Reveals That 95% of Bloggers Suffer From the Pathetic Blog Traffic (PBT) Disease, And You Could Be One of Them!

Ask yourself if you feel like this every day:

  1. You’re emotionally stressed out because nobody wants to visit your blog…
  2. You’re paranoid & check your blog stats every 10 minutes hoping for a miracle…
  3. You’re bitter and cynical when you see other people’s BIG commission checks…

Read the rest of this page to discover how you can cure this condition once and for all, and generate tons of eager buyers and loyal customers to your blog instantly…

From the Desk of Gobala Krishnan & Leonard Payne
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2007.
RE: The Cure for Lack of Blog Traffic

Dear Frustrated Blogger,

We’re at the brink of the worst epidemic in Internet marketing history. This disease is dangerous and infectious.

But it’s not a disease that affects your body…

It affects your mind.

This disease, which starts from severe depression due to the lack of blog traffic, has already claimed the willpower and spirits or thousands of would-be millionaires.

If you’re already suffering from PBT, I strongly recommend that you fight this disease now with everything you have, before it completely kills off your blog, and your motivation for success.

But first let me tell you about me, and why I’m recommending this cure to you…

You see, a few months back I was an absolute newbie in the blogging world. In fact, I was afraid of the word “blog”.

To me it just seems like a whole lot of baloney mixed with a toxic dose of jargon that just was not worth my time…

When I finally decided to take the plunge and give this “blogging thing” a try, I began to feel nauseous, overwhelmed by the amount of new things I had to learn from scratch.

I started to get emotionally stressed out.

My blog traffic was pathetic, and I had no idea how to change the way things were at that time…

For no apparent reason, I started checking my blog stats to see if I had more visitors than yesterday. I did this like a mad man, and till this day I cant really explain why I behaved like I did..

Why was I doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results?

I don’t know…

I started to get bitter and angry when I saw other people boasting about how much money they’re making. I HATED to see all those big commission checks people were posting on their blogs…

Soon, I realized that I was suffering from PBT or Pathetic Blog Traffic.

I know a lot of people like you face the same thing every day. You want to make more money and you know that the key to that is to start getting more traffic to your blog.

But the question is “HOW?”
When you discover some of the secrets I reveal in Easy Blog Traffic, you’ll see how I managed to get one of my blogs from NOWHERE to an Alexa ranking of 4,000+ (highest) and maintain an average Alexa ranking of 12,000+

This is not a simple thing to do!

When I discovered some of the closely-guarded secrets of generating tons of unique, interested visitors to my blogs, it was only a matter of time before I started making some serious money.

This is just ONE of the many sources of income from my blogs. I dont’ really feel the need to show everything…

I just want you to know what I’m talking about. And I want you to trust me..

Start Getting Tons of Eager Buyers and Loyal Customers To Your Own Blog

It’s time to get ahead of the pack and generate massive amount of unique visitors to your blog.

I’ve put together a collection of excellent audio interviews, videos, tutorials and articles that will help you solve your problems once and for all.

Each of these were thoroughly researched and written for the average person without any technical knowledge, so don’t worry about the tech stuff. It’s all taken care of…

Module #1 – Confession of The Blog Traffic King

Yaro Starak is the undisputed Blog Traffic King. His blog at Entrepreneurs-Journey.com and SmallBusinessBranding.com are authority websites that even the gurus secretly visit to get tips on making money and entrepreneurship.

This is how much traffic Yaro Starak gets on a monthly basis:

In an exclusive interview with Yaro, you’ll discover:

  1. How he managed to get 1000+ RSS subscribers in a very short time, and how you can do it too
  2. What are “Pillar Articles” and why are they important for long-term blog traffic
  3. How to get ideas for writing blog content consistently
  4. How to build up the credibility for your blog by forming relationships with other bloggers.
  5. How to get a “breakthrough” in blogging, and how to use it to your advantage
  6. What type of WordPress plugins and third-party software to use for SEO and building relationships with your readers
  7. The truth about traffic from Technorati and Digg, and how use “tagging” for more search engine traffic.
  8. What it takes to become a full-time blogger or ProBlogger

Module #2 – The “3C” Blog Traffic Method

Andrew Wee
, a Singaporean real-estate broker turned Internet marketer, took a brand new blog at WhoIsAndrewWee.com and achieved an amazing Alexa ranking of 20,000 in less that 6 months using his unique “3C” method.

In this call you’ll discover:

  1. How Andrew managed to get up to 8,000 visitors a month in a few months
  2. How he uses the “social networking” concept to get exposure for his blog and invite comments from established bloggers
  3. Special WordPress plugins that you can use to keep a conversation running, and even turn posts into hot debates..
  4. How to build credibility by showing your competency and expertise to your blog readers…
  5. How he structures his content and ideas to create curiosity and interest with his blog readers..

Module #3 – “Blog Traffic Videos”

From 12 exclusive videos (over 4 hours of content) you’ll discover:

  1. How to get your blog into Google news
  2. How to get visitors by linking to other blogs
  3. How getting a “scoop” can put your blog on the map
  4. How to get dozens (even hundreds) of blogs linking to you
  5. How to get lots of visitors by adding a tool to your blog
  6. How to use photos to get blog visitors
  7. How to use “list posts” to bring your blog lots of attention
  8. How to get thousands of visitors to your blog in 24 hours
  9. How (and why) to get people subscribed to your blog feed
  10. How to submit to blog directories and ping them automatically
  11. How to optimize your blog to get free search engine traffic

Module # 4 – “Blog Traffic Insider” Special Report

Secret tips from Yaro Starak, who has generated over 200,000 visitors to his blog in the past 12 months. Here’s what he reveals:

  1. How to “laser-target” your blog traffic for the perfect audience…
  2. How to dramatically improve your RSS subscribers count…
  3. How to use audio Podcasts as a publicity machine for your blog…
  4. How to start a win-win relationship with other bloggers…
  5. How to build credibility and void the biggest “social proof” mistakes…
  6. How to make money from your blogs by selling text links…
  7. How to become a professional blogger or problogger, and create a business that does not depend on you…
  8. How to leverage on online forums to drive massive traffic to your blogs…
  9. How to use photos on your blog to increase it’s “stickiness factor” and guarantee repeat visitors
  10. And much more…

Module #5 – “Blog Profit Machine” for Beginners

These insider tips from blogging experts will reveal:

  1. The basics of blogging and setting up your blog, perfect for even the most clueless newbie
  2. How to create your own unique blogging personality and stand out from the thousands of other bloggers out there…
  3. How to generate new topics easily and get a continuous supply of ideas for your blogs…
  4. How to connect with other bloggers and establish a mutually beneficial relationship…
  5. How to make search engines love your blogs using “On-page Search Engine Optimization” tactics…
  6. Secret “Off-Page Optimization Strategies” for building tons of incoming links and increase your blog’s popularity…
  7. How to write and submit articles to et massive links to your blog and increase your PageRank
  8. How to monetize you blog for maximum profits…

I’ve put 2 Exclusive interviews, 12 excellent video tutorials, and over 120 pages of pure content into a single product I call Easy Blog Traffic.

You can sit around and wait for your blogs to start making the amount of money you dreamed of. You can continue to buy audio and video courses on blogging that teach you everything except what you really need to know.

Or… you can get Easy Blog Traffic and start doing things the right way.

For a limited time I’ll also throw in the Resell Rights for Easy Blog Traffic, worth $97, for free!

With the Resell Rights, you can:

  • Sell the product on your website or blog and keep 100% profits for as long as you want…
  • Include Easy Blog Traffic into your own package or bundle it with other products…
  • Include it in your paid membership site and increase the value of your site…

I wanted to say to those who are donating on my blog, you will also get resell rights to the course as well.

Since you get to name your own price for this course you have absolutely nothing to lose. I just ask if you can, donate at least $5 so I can still have some money left over after paypal fees and such.I really appreciate it and I know you will absolutely love the course.

Don’t use the donation button on the right column. Use this one so that it can take you right to the download page after finishing.

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