Squidoo By Donation

I found some great resources on making money from Squidoo. I got resale rights to it and set it up so that you can check it out and purchase strictly by donation.

I know that some people reading my blog may be in a similar financial situation as me and that is why I am not asking any set price. I do plan to use the proceeds to help pay off my debt.

I have learned quite a bit from reading through the Squidoo Profits guides today and it got me really excited about Squidoo again. I still have more to read, but I may make my next project after this niche site I am working on be a Squidoo project. In fact, I already reserved the lens name I want to use. I was able to find a really good niche to use by reading this guide today.

Other than Squidoo, I did more work on my second niche website. I need to concentrate and finish this project before I move on to my next. It will do me no good to have a bunch of half finished projects. I hope that many of you will get some great results out of the Squidoo Profits program, I know I plan to.

I wrote and submitted an article for my second niche site. I am trying to get all my article marketing done for it in the next few days so I can move on to some Squidoo projects.

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