How to Outsource Websites at $1 Each

I caved in and signed up for a program that creates content rich websites for me instantly. I mean I was able to set up 10 websites in about an hour. Using my ads, my adsense code and they fill it automatically with articles and change them on a regular basis so they always stay fresh.

Worried about duplicate content? No need.

They take the first paragraphs from the different articles and change up the order so it turns out to be unique content. I plan to use this method for all the domains I bought and then I can develop full fledged websites for my best performing sites.

It is so much better than a parking page because it gives the reader exactly what they are looking for and it allows me to place my adsense and my own text ads from different places like clickbank, commission junction or any other affiliate site.

Can you see my text links for click bank and joe bucks products on the top right of the website? I also added my kontera code so I can bring in a bit more revenue from them.

Want to try it for yourself? Just click on the link on the website at the top that says ‘build content-rich websites’.

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