Why Associated Content is Brilliant

I am just awed about how smart the owners of Associated Content are. Think about it.
1. They get a bunch of unique content by paying extra for exclusive articles.
2. People visit all the time to submit their work (sometimes even for free) and read other people’s articles.

Can you imagine the adsense and advertising revenue Associated Content is raking in a month? Far more than they are paying out for the articles, that is for sure.

While I was visiting Associated Content today I noticed something else their brilliant minds had set up, it is called Content Partners.

I was floored when I saw their game plan.

Checking the “Custom Content” area I saw something that really struck me.
“Over the same year, $50 spent on a single AC article would bring over 800 targeted visitors, and continue to grow.*”

Wow, they pay us $5 – $6 for an exclusive article and resell it to someone else for $50! Of course, that does not upset me, why? It is business. They found a way of buying articles in mass from people like us and turning that into massive profit.

In the syndication section, they let people use any of the Associated Content articles that they want on their website as long as Associated Content keeps the advertisements on the pages. Wow, that means that they can get advertising revenue, not just on their own website, but from anyone who uses our articles on their own sites.

I knew Associated Content had a master plan for buying articles… It all seems so clear now.

Great job Associated Content, I am truly impressed by your business model.

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