What Is TNX.Net? A Review

First of all I wanted to disclose that I was paid to review this company and am expressing my own opinions.

What is TNX.net? Well, let me tell you what I have learned. They are a site that provides a way to improve your ranking in the search engine by increasing the links to your site. You do this by being a Webmaster, which is selling space on your website to the advertisers, or by being an Advertiser. The higher page ranking your page has, the more you will be paid for the link. You are paid in points in advance for the space by the advertiser on a monthly basis.

The goal is to improve the search engine ranking on your site by bringing in more traffic due to the links that are based on keywords in your niche and the niche of the advertiser. I can see this as being a good money maker if you have a lot websites with a lot of pages. Being paid in points for every page can add up each month. I don’t see it being worth your investment or trouble for only a few pages.

TNX.net works as an advertising system that allow you to earn profits on your website by allowing advertisers to place a link to their site. There will be a different link place on each page of your website. I have tried this out in the past…and have not made a final decision on whether to use it again or not. I am not sure if I like the point system versus being paid in actual money. You can be paid up to a 1000 points per page, IF you page ranking is high, and that equals to .76 cents….a page ranking of 0 gets 9 points, and a PR2 gets 1800 points.

If you are an advertiser, you will buy link space, but TNX chooses the pages and sites to place the links on. The mission of TNX is to increase your search engine rankings and improve the quality of your site, and hopefully, increasing your income. As this is something new, I do want to watch it for a while, I want to see how Google is going to handle this and if it is something that will be penalized, which I don’t care to take that chance at the moment.

There are plenty of ways to make money online, and I just don’t see that the benefit is great enough to take the risk quite yet. Maybe in the future.

How to Recession Proof Your Income

As you may or may not be aware of… the United States is in a recession. With higher gas prices, higher food prices and the risk of job loss… What can you do to ensure your income?

First of all, you want to make sure you have more than one stream of income. If you are doing all your fishing from one pond and that pond goes dry you could end up in trouble.

Selling information products (ebooks, etc…) or having websites that appeal to different demographics is a great way to recession proof your earnings. This is because you can have customers from around the world. Just because the United States is in recession that doesn’t mean that other countries necessarily are.

Keep your business costs down and put money in savings. Having a reserve both for your own expenses and for any business expenses (hosting, etc…) is vital. If you suddenly lost your day job, you will want income to hold yourself over while you build up your online income.

In a nut sell: Have customers or website visitors that cater to different demographics and markets. Just like a stock portfolio, you can reduce your risk with diversification.

Try not to have more than 25% of your income from any one source.

PayPal vs Clickbank for a Membership Site

As you know, I have a membership site launch coming up this month. I am rushing to have it ready to go for a launch date of either February 18th or 19th.

One aspect I just decided on today was my payment processor. I was very torn between using PayPal or using Clickbank.

I had to look at the pros and cons of both.

PayPal is cheaper, only 2.9% + 30 cents. On the other hand because of recurring billing charges and my price point Clickbank would take 9.9%. Plus, with ClickBank i’d need to pay a $50 set up fee.

For a while, I just assumed I would go with PayPal. Then I realized that ClickBank would be better for my membership site for the following reasons…

1. Not everyone has a paypal account and many people may not feel comfortable registering for a paypal account just to join a membership site. That one is a biggie. Sure, clickbank might have higher fees, but if that means more members… it is worth it. Therefore, with ClickBank I wouldn’t have to worry if people had a paypal account or not.

2. ClickBank will pay all my affiliates for me. Not that I wouldn’t mind doing it myself, but that is one less thing to think about. They have been in business since 1998 and have never missed a payment.

3. Tax Reasons. If I were running my own affiliate program I would have to collect the tax information of all my active affiliates and file 1099s for them each tax year. Imagine having hundreds of affiliates and doing all that paperwork! ClickBank does all this on their end. They do all the tax information.

4. Bookkeeping Reasons. Currently I log every single transaction that goes through my paypal account into Quicken. With ClickBank I will get statements with all my transactions and will get my share deposited every 2 weeks.

5. Larger Affiliate Base. It is a great way to get more exposure for my site.

I have put in a ton of work on the affiliates section of my membership site. So far I have banners and a few brandable viral reports where my affiliates can actually embed their clickbank ID right into the .pdf and give it away.

I am also doing review templates, articles, promotional emails, text ads, keywords and possibly even squeeze pages for my affiliates to use. I want to make anyone who chooses to help me promote, has all the tools necessary to make some great money.

I am also choosing to go with a 40% commission, which is residual on a monthly basis for each member referred.

Build an Empire around Your Passion

Last month I joined a membership site challenge. The premise what to create a bunch of niche membership sites that bring in monthly income…

I am not sure how I strayed from it, but the first niche I picked out for my first membership site is something I am so passionate about I want to stay in it indefinetely.

If you truly love a niche, you can build an entire empire around it. Membership site, ebooks, websites, audios, videos, paper back books, etc…

That is my plans for this niche. I am starting with the membership site and hope to expand. I will reveal it to everyone once my membership site launches, which will be late February / early March.

I have spent the past 30+ hours of my work time writing my sales letter, with the help of my mother. I can tell you straight away… it is NOT in the Internet Marketing niche nor does it have anything to do with money or finance.

I truly believe that I have found my life’s calling! I got a few people to partner with me for massive research and development for content. This was needed because there is very little if any information available on it.

Anyway, I just had to make a blog post about my excitement. Ever since I discovered this idea I have been on cloud nine. Once, you see it… you will know what I mean.

Oh and on a side note, there will be an affiliate program so you can be an affiliate and make some income with me

How to Start a Business Without Going in Debt

Since I was already in debt and pledged to not add any more to it no matter what the circumstances I have been building up my online business without using any debt what so ever.

So how do you get started when you have no money to spare? Simple, by doing everything yourself.

That means, you are the article writer, the website developer, the advertiser and promoter. You are the researcher, you are the creativity.

I got to tell you, when you compare internet marketing with investing in real estate there are HUGE differences. One requires a mortgage to have a property, while the other requires a few dollars and some work. Both can be equally as valuable as well.

You don’t have to start out doing anything difficult. Maybe raise some money by doing some freelance work for other people. There are so many people who would love having websites created or promoted and articles written.

Once you have built up a large enough cash flow, you can start to outsource your work and build your business exponentially faster. Maybe set a budget allowing yourself to use half your income for outsourcing to grow your business. That is what I am currently doing. The fruits of this have been a steady increase in my business each month.

I LOVE that I don’t have to take out a business loan. This is truly the best business that you can literally start with less than $20 in your pocket. That is why I chose it as my method for getting out of debt.

Always Stand Behind Your Beliefs

Are you selling yourself out to make money? In the pursuit of a quick buck or the almighty dollar it can be easy to lose focus on what is right and wrong because there are so many “gray areas”.

I come in contact with a lot of internet marketers and have been quite surprised at the moral codes they are willing to bend to make more money. These range from going into chat rooms pretending to be a young girl asking the guys to sign up for a dating site (using his affiliate link) to see “her” photos. To stealing other people’s ebooks off clickbank. To selling products that go against their religious or moral beliefs.

I understand the strong desire to make a living to support your family. However, there are things that are more important than money.

Honesty and Integrity are not things we hear a lot about these days. People striving to live this way are often thought of as “prude” and of course the “nice guy always finishes last” right?

What do you do if someone asks you to work on a project that pays well, but is completely against your beliefs?

This is just a post for you and more importantly for myself to always stand up for our beliefs. Even if that means we miss an “opportunity” or two in the process.

The anonymous nature of being on the internet does not lend itself to the man in the mirror or the man upstairs. Remember that in all your endeavors and business ventures.

Find What You Love to Do – Then Monetize It

There is no point in doing something you hate for the rest of your life. If you truly want to be happy, you need to do what you LOVE to do.

I actually hadn’t thought too much about it until I was watching Dave Ramsey on the Fox Business channel on Monday night. He said that if you are in a job you hate, make sure you are not working their by the end of 2008.

I like that he gave us time to do it. That means you have a whole year to transition from doing something you don’t like to working with your passion.

Don’t think your passion can make you money? You are wrong. You can make money from any hobby you can think of! You could make a niche website around it, or better yet… make a membership site teaching others how to do what you love to do.

For example, lets say your passion is knitting. You could create a membership site teaching people how to knit and how they can make money by knitting and selling their creations. People would sign up and pay you a monthly fee to teach them that.

You know you have found the perfect path for you when you would do it for free because you enjoy it so much.

Last night I had an idea that sparked in my head for a membership site I am going to set up this month. It got me so excited I wanted to jump up and down. It is something I am REALLY passionate about and to be honest, I would do it for free.

However, I know I could make a small living by offering it as a low cost membership site to others who share the same passion as me. I will be putting a lot of work into monthly content and organizing resources for my members. It is NOT in the making money online or internet marketing niches, it is something far more valuable to me.

The point I am trying to make here is that you don’t have to work at a job you hate and you don’t have to make a bazillion niche websites to make some decent money.

Think about it, if you had a simple membership site with 250 people paying $20 a month you would have $5,000 a month. It just takes the right idea.

If you want help, I have something coming up where I will take on some people to mentor. I don’t have it ready yet, but if you are interested stay tuned. I cannot take too many people because I will be spending a lot of 1 – on – 1 time with you.

I guarantee that you love to do something, now all you need to do is turn it into a business and you got yourself a dream job.

Oh by the way, Monetize = Make Some Income

I Am Loving WordPress Niche Blogs

I have actually created 7 new wordpress niche blogs so far this month! I am using these templates: Super Adsense and really like how easy it is to set them up this way. In fact, I am using the same template for this blog as well.

I was working double time this week because I wanted to get all of my projects done and out of the way before the 10th.

I am still using WhyPark for all the sites that I haven’t gotten around to building yet. I currently have 80 domains parked there. Mostly .net domains, it seems as though all the good .com ones are already taken. If only I would have gotten all the good .com names back in 1999, oh well… live and learn right?

My ‘6 figures in 6 months’ challenge is supposed to be starting on Saturday (Nov 10th) and I am very excited about it. Of course I will be blogging my journey as I go along and will hopefully be able to teach you all some new things as I go along.

How To Cloak Affiliate Links

Are you aware that you could be losing sales because of how your affiliate links look?

There are many complicated ways to cloak affiliate links, but I decided to make it easier on myself and everyone else by offering a no cost and easy way to make your own cloaked affiliate links.

I set up an free link cloaker tool here (you may want to bookmark it) – Affiliate Link Cloaker

So that you can simply add the title of the website, your affiliate link and then press the ‘Generate Cloak HTML’ button and it will give you a code.

You just need to take that code and make a file on your hosting with the name of the page you want to use in its place.

Such as Yourwebsite.com/thisproductrocks.html

You would then need to go into your hosting and create a new file called thisproductrocks.html then edit the file and put the code into it.

You could also do this by copying the code into a text document and then uploading it to your webhosting as pagenameyouwant.html

That way when ever you link to that page it will automatically send them to your affiliate link.

No more ugly affiliate links! Yay!

Niche Websites 101

Since there are probably quite a few newcomers to this blog and I have been getting a lot of questions on Niche Websites, I wanted to point you to a past post that I wrote on the subject that may help clear things up a bit for you.

If you have ever looked anything up on the internet and found a website with information and some ads, then you have come across a niche website. They are all over the place.

It is like form of online real estate investing. The more sites you have and the more visitors you have, the more money you make off of advertisements, etc…

I used to build my niche websites from scratch via HTML, but starting about a week ago I have been using WordPress blogs (on my own hosting, not on wordpress.com) to create my niche websites.

Why not wordpress.com? Because they don’t allow any advertisements on their sites, which makes them pretty much useless for making money.

I used to be against niche blogs, but have been turning around due to the ease of setup. I set a goal to create 15 new niche websites/blogs each month.

No I don’t plan to write new posts to all of them on a regular basis, I wish I could, but that could really get out of hand. I will probably try and put a post on each one at least once a month to keep them somewhat fresh, but the traffic will mainly just come from article marketing.

Like I said, I just switched to making niche blogs this week. So I will update you on the results and if it is any better/worse than setting it up as plain static websites (non-blog).