Niche Websites 101

Since there are probably quite a few newcomers to this blog and I have been getting a lot of questions on Niche Websites, I wanted to point you to a past post that I wrote on the subject that may help clear things up a bit for you.

If you have ever looked anything up on the internet and found a website with information and some ads, then you have come across a niche website. They are all over the place.

It is like form of online real estate investing. The more sites you have and the more visitors you have, the more money you make off of advertisements, etc…

I used to build my niche websites from scratch via HTML, but starting about a week ago I have been using WordPress blogs (on my own hosting, not on to create my niche websites.

Why not Because they don’t allow any advertisements on their sites, which makes them pretty much useless for making money.

I used to be against niche blogs, but have been turning around due to the ease of setup. I set a goal to create 15 new niche websites/blogs each month.

No I don’t plan to write new posts to all of them on a regular basis, I wish I could, but that could really get out of hand. I will probably try and put a post on each one at least once a month to keep them somewhat fresh, but the traffic will mainly just come from article marketing.

Like I said, I just switched to making niche blogs this week. So I will update you on the results and if it is any better/worse than setting it up as plain static websites (non-blog).

Article Marketing 101 – $5 Ebook

I got a new ebook available for everyone for a $5 debt payoff donation. I use article marketing to promote all of my websites. If you have ever had questions about article marketing or want a very clear (32 page) explanation then this is a really great guide.

According to the original sales letter –

Discover How to Use Article Marketing to Send Your Online Profits Soaring Through the Roof!

If you’ve ever wanted to do any of the following:

  • Increase sales of a product or affiliate product by creating a high-value follow-up series for subscribers …
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  • Transform your pages into an authority hub …
  • Quickly and easily establish yourself as an expert in your field …

… Then this is definitely the most important letter you will read today!

Here’s why:

There is a new ebook available that reveals everything you need to know to SKYROCKET your online profits with article marketing – even if you can’t write and you have absolutely no Internet marketing experience at all!

Introducing “Article Marketing 101” …

At last, all the best money-making article marketing tips and strategies can now be found in one comprehensive, yet easy-to-read ebook.

Here is just some of what you will learn by reading this amazing guide:

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  • How to hire a ghostwriter to write your articles – without spending a fortune!
  • How to create a resource box that will compel readers to click on your link – you’ll be amazed at how easy this is to do when you follow these simple tips!
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using article marketing – and why the advantages clearly outweigh the limited disadvantages!
  • 5 tips for writing articles – follow these tips and in no time you’ll be creating high-quality articles that prospects will desperately want to read!
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Here is the Bottom Line on This Incredible Resource:

Article marketing has grown into a multi-million dollar industry that has many Americans writing articles for websites while they sit in the comfort of their own home.

The business is expanding throughout the world and will continue to grow as long as the Internet is still around. “Article Marketing 101” covers all the essential aspects of article marketing and explains why it is the most effective way to promote a business today.

Get this ebook and you’ll quickly learn all the article marketing tips, tricks and techniques you need to know to begin earning more money than you ever thought possible on the Internet!

Phenomenal WhyPark Results

I cannot tell you how much of a secret (well not so secret anymore) weapon WhyPark has been for me so far. I am getting amazing rankings in google and tons of organic free search engine traffic to all my sites I have listed on there.

I noticed one of my sites was getting about 15-20 visitors a day from search engine traffic so I decided to check out my google rankings.

Here is the results for a site that I have done NOTHING for. Just bought the domain and stuck it on WhyPark, that’s it.

Sure enough I was # 12 out of 119,000 competition when I type my 2 word keyword phrase in with quotations and I am # 17 out of 1,060,000 (yes over 1 million) competition without the quotations!

Oh and this two word phrase is searched for 887 times a day so if I just do a bit of article marketing with this site I bet I could raise much higher in the rankings and take a nice chunk of that traffic.

I actually have that domain up for sale (thanks to domains into dollars) so hopefully that will help me get a better price for it.

Update: Just checked another domain I have just sitting there that is also getting a lot of traffic. I typed in it’s keyword and it is # 11 out of 16,700,000 competing results. (Yes, that is 16 million 700 thousand). #6 out of 235,000 with quotations. This 2 word term is searched for 460 times per day.

I am just blown away. Please leave a comment with any results you have been getting if you have been using Why Park.

If you have been thinking about getting or plan to get it I would love for you to use my affiliate link. Of course you don’t have to, it is your choice.

Instant Authority Sites

I just read an incredible report that actually tells you how to create an article directory with immediate high Page Rank literally overnight.

Actually, what he recommends is going to save me a lot of money compared to what I was going to use.

I like that he tells how to create the website very cheaply (less than $20 each) and how it can be done in less than a day. (With high PR to boot.)

If you have ever considered starting an article directory you should check it out and for only $7 the price can’t be beat.

This information is going to make for a really fun weekend project.

Starting an Ebook Project

I finally decided on an ebook project I want to work on. It is going to take about 4 months to complete, but it won’t be the only project I am working on. I am also domaining and setting my domains up on WhyPark.

The reason why the ebook is going to take so long is because I am performing and documenting my own experiments and it will take that long to complete them. I will be documenting it all in my ebook as I go along. Sorry, I cannot give any hints or sneak peeks yet.

I currently have 66 domains set up on WhyPark and plan to go with it until I have 100 of them all set up. It takes about 5 minutes per website to get up and running. I also like to add some clickbank and commission junction products to them as well.

Domains Into Dollars Review

There are very few things which completely change the way I do my business online. One such program that blew me away is Domains into Dollars.

I was blessed to be one of the people who picked this up in the pre-release. I discovered a world that I had never knew before and that is the world of domaining and online virtual real estate (which can be even more profitable than physical real estate).

I watched through the several hours of videos and read through the huge ebook. This information is going to make a lot of people millionaires.

The Videos included –
Lesson #1 – Introduction To The Domaining Industry
Lesson #2 – What Types Of Domains Are Available
Lesson #3 – Show Me The Money (Domaining Revenue Models)
Lesson #4 – Getting Started (An Easy And Free Way To Find Domains)
Lesson #5 – Quick Domain Flipping On eBay
Lesson #6 – Domain Name Valuation
Lesson #7 – Selling Your Domain Names
Plus two more bonus lessons

I discovered how to buy domain names, try them out for 5 days to see if they are profitable or not. Then if it is a domain I don’t want to keep, I don’t need to pay for it, I can replace it with a different domain instead. Pretty cool huh?

I have dived into this and am really excited to consider myself a professional domainer. It is better than physical real estate investing because there is no mortgages, no property taxes and the return on your money is so much higher.

With what I have discovered in Domains into Dollars, I am confident I will be debt free by my goal date.

I will keep you updated.

Why Should You Build a List?

I keep reading online about how important it is to build a list. So I have been looking into building some lists from my niche websites. As you can see I set it up on one of my WhyPark sites to give away a free report when people sign up for my mailing list.

You can see one of my websites here – How to Lose 10 Pounds

I even put in my own affiliate articles with my affiliate links on the first page. I love how much I can customize everything on there and the fact that I can set the sites up so quickly.

I have however, moved three of my sites from WhyPark to my own hosting today. This is because I wanted to make them eBay niche sites and I cannot run my RSS feeds on the WhyPark sites.

So I have been busy today designing and creating three eBay niche sites. I am going to try and create 1-2 new websites a day depending on how much time I can spare.

It takes a bit longer when trying to find affiliate products that give you something you can offer your readers in exchange for joining your mailing list.

You want them on your list so you can remind them after they have left about your affiliate product or to revisit your website. This turns a one time visitor into a repeat visitor.

I use Aweber for my lists. It lets me create follow up messages and broadcasts to your subscribers. I like that one subscription lets me create a different list for each website I own.

Of course I don’t have it set up on all of them yet, but those are my plans.

Why You Need to Join BlogRush

I discovered Blog Rush today and was blown away. It is an absolute 100% free way to get free traffic and a massive amount of readers to your blog. Go and check out the video on it here.

If that doesn’t get you excited. I don’t know what will. I am adding the code to my blog right now and am excited to see the results. It was designed by John Reese, who is a very reputable internet marketer. I think he is right on the money with this.

Making Money Online Is Not Quick and Easy

Sure there are opportunities to make a lot of money online, but they are far and few between. It takes a lot of work, a lot of hours and a lot of doing the same thing over and over again to make a good income online.

I currently spend 10+ hours a day working on my online business. I wake up really early in the morning and stay up really late at night. When I calculate it per hour, I could probably be making more at a regular 9-5 job.

There is a key difference though that keeps me going. Instead of working a job, I am building a business. I am working for myself, I have no boss. I have freedom to work as much as I want or as little as I want and get results accordingly.

I am building a passive income so the more I work now, the less I will need to work later.

If you are going to be successful online, you must realize that it does not come overnight. You are going to be doing a lot of boring and mundane tasks for hours on end. You are going to be writing a lot, you are going to be doing a lot of research.

One day you may make $100 and another day only $10-$15. Income will fluctuate. You need to be willing to push through the hard days. You are planting your seeds.

Each project is a little seed that you are planting and nurturing. Before you know it you will have a full garden that you can harvest. It will be worth it. You may not see the results right away, but they will come.