AuctionAds vs Build A Niche Store

I posted earlier about how I signed up with Auction Ads to put on the niche websites I have already created. I also plan to sign up for Build A Niche store after I get my 4th project done. Why?

Auction Ads are like Google Adsense in the fact they only show up to 4 auctions at a time. They are meant to be used as supplemental advertisements.

On the other hand, Build a Niche store allows me to create an entire niche website around Ebay auctions. Showing much larger pictures and descriptions. It comes also with website templates so I can easily set up an entire site in one day. With Build a Niche store I can set minimum prices so it only shows products that are $5 and above or $20 and above, etc… depending on the niche I chose. Plus for their one time fee I can build as many websites as I want, over and over. It is an investment that could make me thousands of dollars over a short amount of time if I can choose some good niches.

So to summarize, I am going to use Auction Ads on non-Ebay niche sites and will be using Build A Niche store to make sites based around Ebay niches.

Personally, I expect a lot more Ebay profit from the Build a Niche Store websites.

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